For decades, the king of fast food in Greece is souvlaki. The reason is that it’s cheap, quick, and really tasty, however, in the last few years many new street food shops and restaurants that make really good burgers were opened.

Here is a list of the best burgers in Athens which are in the center of the city. So, to answer the question ‘best burgers near me, while you are in Athens, you can very easily download several apps to order online such as e-food, Wolt, and BOX even if your hotel or apartment is away from the restaurants. For vegans, many burgers from the list also come in a vegan version.

best burgers in Athens

New York Sandwiches

You can reach them at 23,Nikis str. Syntagma square, or in 3,Sinopis str. Ampelokipoi. The cheese that they are adding is amazing and you will love it. Prices start at 7,40, and burgers are escorted with French fries. Their bestseller burger is called the 5th AVE pastrami burger and costs 9,50 euros.

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Opened in 2020, during the lockdown period from Covid 19, Birdman has grown in popularity rapidly. Be careful not to be addicted to their taste! The cheeseburger that they have is fabulous, their bestseller is the Smush. They use two thin patties made of grass-fed cows (they create their own blend of different cow meat), melted American cheese covering it, homemade tonkatsu ketchup, chopped lettuce, and onions, and homemade, fluffy potato rolls.

All their burgers have exemplary proportions of ingredients, plus they buy beef from selected farmers. The cost is higher than usual, at 12,50 euros for a burger but it will really satisfy you. It’s truly one of the best burgers in Athens. The address is Voulis 35, close to Syntagma square. ://

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Tarantino Burgers Athens

They opened their first store in the second larger city in Greece, Thessaloniki. Then they opened another one in Athens. Black Angus is the beef that they use, have in mind that beef is limited in numbers, if they sell out, then maybe they don’t serve anymore. Prices start from 6 euros. You can find them in the Koukaki area, 17, Dimitrakopoulou str.

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Juicy Grill

Also, one of the beloved burger stores that many people like. From their very long menu, we suggest trying the classic Bill Murray with the cheddar stuffed beef patty, iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion rings, and chipotle mayonnaise; The equally scrumptious The Billion with garlic buns, regato cheese, double bacon, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and Caesar’s sauce.

As well as the Chicken Hallooney with chicken filet wrapped in bacon, halloumi cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and honey-mustard sauce. All of them come with many French fries. Some people says that here you find the best burgers in Athens! The restaurant is located at 7,paleon patron germanou, str., near Klaythmonos square.

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Burger Joint

Rumors say that the owners changed their philosophy from junky street food to pure, fresh ingredients starting from zero. Cheese is made with handmade brioche bread, double smashed black Angus burger, double cheddar, tomato, iceberg, pickles, and mustard sauce, and is accompanied by French fries or green salad or salad (€ 10.20). One of the favorites is the smashroom with double cheddar, cheddar sauce, mushrooms, and smash mayo (€ 10.30). It is the best burger in Glyfada and is located at Nymphon square 1.

Where to eat best burgers in Athens center

Dave’s Bar& six d.o.g.s.

Dave Red Athens hotel was recently opened at the Omonoia square, the building belonged to the Communist Party of Greece and became an urban hotel with a modern design. On the ground floor, you can reach the bar and taste the burgers that the team of six d.o.g.s made. Chef Fahd Alexander Hassan Kassem promises to satisfy his clientele with his amazing burgers. Prices start from 5.50 euros. The address is 25, Veranzerou str. Omonoia square.

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Smash’ n Bun

Located in the chic area of Kolonaki, chef Michalis Nourloglou is in charge of the menu that is based on organic and homemade ingredients. You can try Teddy’s classic or Kokos, both cost 5.90 euros. Also, the Moldo for mushroom lovers and the Korean Fried Chicken with the nicely crispy, breaded chicken and kimchi.

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Talking Breads

Located in the area of Exarheia, Talking Breads is also on the list of best burgers in Athens. Here you can find fantastic brioche bread, full of buttery, thin, juicy, and delicious. Perfect meat burger, cheddar cheese, all in heavenly balance. Everything here is made in-house. Their classic cheese contains cheddar, iceberg, pickles, tomato, and T / B sauce, which costs 4.20 euros. Try also the bacon mushroom melt. Address: 11, Spyrou Trikoupi str.

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Po’ Boys

Here you can find a burger store that reminds the American-style restaurant. Vasilis Sporos’ love for smoked meat made him design an interesting project. He has set up a smoking station through which all the meats he serves pass. As do the juicy patties he makes for his filling and luscious burgers.

One of my favorites is  Holy Cow: smoked beef patty made with beef from the town of Serres, caramelized onions, barbeque sauce, cheddar, cheese fondue, and a buttery fluffy brioche bun. When you bite into it you’ll see the meat is a bit pink, but don’t worry, that’s not to do with how it’s prepared, but with it being smoked. You can find it 12, Agatharhou str.& Lepeniotou in Psirri area.

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Food Str.

Located as well in Psirri area, on the Kalamiotou pedestrian street, in Food Str. you can taste nice burgers. They might be small but they’re also cheap, they’re what we’d call “honest”. So, you can easily get two together with fries. Try the mushroom burger with 3 different kinds of mushrooms (portobello, white Agaricus, and oyster) with parmesan flakes, lettuce, and a generous serving of mayonnaise, but also the chicken burger with the nicely grilled chicken breast with pickles, homemade tomato sauce, and of course mayonnaise. The Mediterranean with feta and olive paste is also interesting. Address: 14, Kalamamiotou str. Agias Eirinis square.

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