Did you know that Athens and Lisbon are the only capitals in southern Europe where every tourist can combine his trip with a visit to the beach? The prefecture of Attica land has a coastline that starts from Piraeus and ends till Cape Sounion, the Athenian Riviera which makes it 85 km long, looking to the Aegean sea. Let’s explore the best beaches in Athens.

On the eastern coast of Attica, there are also many areas for swimming such as Keratea, Porto Rafti, Loutsa, and Schinias beach. They are not close to Athens and you need around 40 minutes by car or taxi to reach them.

Greece continuously awarded second in Europe the Blue Fags status and 12% worldwide with the cleanest beaches for their high standards in water quality and cleanliness. The summer season for swimming starts in June, but the best time to swim is in July and August.

In this article, we also want to inform the visitors about the closest best beaches in Athens which access is easy to take the tram or bus, just around 20 to 50 minutes away. Just have in mind that they offer a free sunbed on some organized beaches if you will order a coffee. Also, be cautious as there are thief pockets that target mobile phones or bags, and that the far you go from the city center, the better because the sea is cleaner. I will suggest after the Glyfada area at least and further.

Nearest best beaches in Athens

Edem Beach

It is the closest one to the Athens city center is Edem beach, the location is just 9 km away from Syntagma Square. The beach is sandy and, it has free admission as it’s not organized. It is ideal for enjoying sunbathing or a meal or a dinner and watching the sunset as it has a coffee restaurant. It is not recommended for swimming, it is more for relaxing.

Bolivar Beach

Next goes the Bolivar beach, which is located 10 km away from the city with easy access. One of the most popular beaches for locals, it is awarded the blue flag status. Partly sandy, and organized with bars, restaurants, and water sports. Famous DJs from all over the world are coming during the summer season to play.

Admission: 5 Euros, during the weekends 6, 3 Euros for kids or over 65 years old.

How to go to Bolivar:
Bus 101, 142, A1, A2, B1, B2, X96. STOP “Third Kalamaki”, Tram stop “Kalamaki”. Phone +302109831018

Glyfada Beach

Awarded the blue flag status. It is one of the most popular areas with many hotels around and hundreds of meters of pebbled beaches. You can find sunbeds at a cost in some of them but all of them are admission-free. Located 15 km away from the center, you can access Glyfada by tram or bus. By car, it will take around 20 minutes from the city. The center of Glyfada is ideal for shopping and strolling, you can find there many restaurants and coffee shops.

Bus A1, A2, X96. STOP “Third Glyfada”, Tram stop “Paralia Glyufadas”.

Kavouri Beach

The whole area of Kavouri is very green and elegant. It is one of the most expensive real estate in Greece. There are many kilometers of coastline where you can enjoy plenty of sandy beaches with free admission, and sunbeds starting from 4 Euros. Now, if you are looking for better quality and organized beach with an all-day restaurant, beach bar, sunbeds with a safety lock, and Baywatch, we suggest Zen beach. The beach is surrounded by pine trees and is family-friendly. Sunbeds cost 12 Euros during the week and 25 on the weekends and a safety lock is offered as a service.

Bus A2 and then from Glyfada square take the 117 bus.

Astir Beach

Located in the chic area of Vouliagmeni, Astir Beach is considered one of the top because of the natural environment and high services that it provides, it is also awarded the blue flag status. From free wi-fi all over the sandy beach, the security, Baywatch, beach bar, food, and beverages. The entrance cost to Vouliagmeni beach during the week is 25 Euros and 40 on weekends. For a couple, the sunbed costs 50 Euros during the week and 80 on weekends. It is one of the best beaches in Athens.

Bus A2 and then from Glyfada square take the 117 bus. STOP “Asteras beach”

Vouliagmeni Lake

Although it is not a beach, Vouliagmeni Lake became popular in the last years for tourists. It is a natural spa, used even in ancient times, because of its constant warm water temperature and its rich content in hydrogen sulfide plus the area has very low humidity. The lake facilities include an all-bar restaurant, showers, massage services, snorkeling, and a gym at the lake. The entrance cost during the week is 12 Euros and 15 on weekends.

Bus A2 and then from Glyfada square take the 117 bus. STOP “Limni Vouliagmenis”

Yabanaki Beach

A very popular and organized sandy beach that combines many facilities. The beach offers sunbeds with safe locks, shops, several restaurants, beach bars, coffee shops, gelly shops, massage services, and playgrounds for children is the Yabanaki beach. This grand beach is family-friendly, it is awarded the blue flag, located in the area of Varkiza. The entrance fee costs 6 Euros during the week and includes a sunbed, during the weekends cost 7.50.

Bus 122 or 117. STOP “fournos”

Lagonisi Grand Resort

A real jewel in Athenian Riviera, the Grand Resort Lagonisi offers an unforgettable experience for its visitors and a stunning view of the Saronic gulf. It is awarded the blue flag status. Here you can find a sandy beach, crystal clear waters, water sports, a spa, swimming pools, a beach bar, tennis courts, a kids’ club, restaurants, etc. The Resort offers high services, and it is considered one of the best hotels in Athens. The entrance fee costs 12 Euros during the week and 25 on weekends.

Bus 122. STOP “Lagonisi Resort”

As you drive further to Cape Sounio where is the temple of Poseidon, there are plenty of beaches that have sandy beaches, some of them are organized, and they remind beaches like in Greek islands.

Indeed they are not beaches near Athens, but they are a lot of promising ones. This makes the Athenian Riviera unique, including its archaeological treasures such as Cape Sounio and the temple of Poseidon.

We covered beaches close to Athens that visitors can access by public transport. The Athens Riviera is undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for its visitors that promises crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and beautiful landscapes.

Enjoy the beach and the sun!

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