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10 Best Burgers in Athens

For decades, the king of fast food in Greece is souvlaki. The reason is that it’s cheap, quick, and really tasty, however, in the last few years many new street food shops and restaurants that make really good burgers were opened. Here is a list of the best burgers in Athens which are in the …

ancient Greek colonies
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Ancient Greek Colonies

In the first half of the first millennium BC, the ancient Greek city-states, many of which were naval powers, began to search for lands and resources beyond Greece, establishing colonies throughout the Mediterranean. Trade contacts for ancient Greek colonies were usually the first step in the colonization process, and later, when local populations were subjugated …

ancient corinth canal
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Ancient Corinth Canal

Until the 7th century BC. In order for a ship to sail from the Saronic Gulf to the Ionian Sea, it had to go around the whole Peloponnese and risk the difficult passage of the Malea cape. However, in 602 BC. The tyrant of Corinth, Periander(one of seven sages in Greece), had the brilliant idea …

ancient greek recipes
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Ancient Greek Recipes

Apart from the high arts of Rhetoric, Poetry, Philosophy, and Architecture, Ancient Greeks also started the art of Gastronomy. The most convincing proof of this is the word “gastronomy” which comes from the Greek “gastronomy” and “law”, ie “the laws of the stomach”. Who was the first Chef ever? Table of Contents Who was the …

best beaches in athens
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Best Beaches in Athens

Did you know that Athens and Lisbon are the only capitals in south Europe that every tourist can combine his trip with a visit to the beach? The prefecture of Attica land has a coastline that starts from Piraeus and ends till Cape Sounion, the Athenian Riviera which makes it 85 km long, looking to …

best time to visit Greece
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Best Time to Visit Greece

Everything you want to know about the best time to visit Greece for your vacation: Greece has an excellent Mediterranean climate, on average sunshine days are around 250. Winter starts from December until half of March, from April till mid-May the temperatures are around 20-25° C. After the temperature starts to rise to 30-35 ° …