best greek wines in nema
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Best Greek Wines in Nemea

In Greek mythology, Dionysus was the God of wine and fertility. He was one of ancient Greece’s most beloved gods as wine was trendy. Today, the Nemea region is considered the biggest vineyard in Greece, having around 30.000 hectares. The main type of wine cultivated is Agiorgitiko, which took its name from St.George. As well …

A pool and spa inside the Divanni apollon palace
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Best Spas in Athens

Athens except for the rich history and culture that has, as in this city Democracy, Theatre, and Sciences started, it provides also nice spa services for visitors that want something more in their trips. You can even find Hammams similar to those in the middle east. Let’s have a look at the best spas in …

where to buy tickets to acropolis online
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Where to Buy Acropolis tickets online

Planning to visit Athens, Greece you might want to avoid the lines of hundreds of people coming every day to admire the symbol of civilization. So, where to buy Acropolis tickets online? The answer is simple, type in search: which directs you to the official gov. site where you can purchase your tickets online. …

best burgers in athens
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10 Best Burgers in Athens

For decades, the king of fast food in Greece is souvlaki. The reason is that it’s cheap, quick, and really tasty, however, in the last few years many new street food shops and restaurants that make really good burgers were opened. Here is a list of the best burgers in Athens which are in the …

ancient Greek colonies
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Ancient Greek Colonies

In the first half of the first millennium BC, the ancient Greek city-states, many of which were naval powers, began to search for lands and resources beyond Greece, establishing colonies throughout the Mediterranean. Trade contacts for ancient Greek colonies were usually the first step in the colonization process, and later, when local populations were subjugated …

ancient corinth canal
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Ancient Corinth Canal

Until the 7th century BC. In order for a ship to sail from the Saronic Gulf to the Ionian Sea, it had to go around the whole Peloponnese and risk the difficult passage of the Malea cape. However, in 602 BC. The tyrant of Corinth, Periander(one of seven sages in Greece), had the brilliant idea …