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ancient Greek colonies
Greek traditions

Ancient Greek Colonies

In the first half of the first millennium BC, the ancient Greek city-states, many of which were naval powers, began to search for lands and resources beyond Greece, establishing colonies throughout the Mediterranean. Trade contacts for ancient Greek colonies were usually the first step in the colonization process, and later, when local populations were subjugated …

Greek Christmas Traditions
Greek traditions

Greek Christmas traditions

Christmas time, days of joy, and celebration. Houses and cities wear their festive clothes, acquiring light and color, while the kitchens are flooded with the aromas of traditional dishes and Christmas cookies. Happy Christmas” and “Happy New Year” resonate at every meeting point, while the sounds of children’s triangles and carols vibrate the atmosphere with …

a couple lets a balloon to the sky
Greek traditions

10 Best Greek Easter Traditions

 Considered the most important holiday on the Greek calendar and one of the richest in folklore, the celebration of Orthodox Easter (Pascha) is unique throughout Greece. From Rhodes till Thrace, Greek Easter traditions become a herald of the spirit’s and nature’s rebirth, while Easter celebrations constitute a vivid aspect of the folk culture, rich in …