Greece is a tourist destination not only for the summertime but, for all seasons around. Except for the archaeological treasures, amazing islands, and beaches, Greece has rich nature to explore. One of these is the gorges, they have crystal clear rivers whose water you can even drink. Theoretical rocks that almost touch the sky. Spectacular landscapes spread as far as the eye can see. Noisy waterfalls scatter their coolness. Tie your shoelaces and let’s see the 10 best gorges in Greece.


Vikos gorge is the deepest gorge in the world is located in Epirus, it stretches for 20 kilometers, and “dives” to depths that reach one kilometer. The cleanest river crosses in Europe, the Voidomatis, with a few thousand visitors every year. To walk it all, will take about 6 hours.


Also known as “Odontotos gorge”, from the name of the small legendary train that crosses it, the gorge of Vouraikos near Kalavrita village(which Kalavrita is one of the most popular ski centers in Greece), beyond the spectacular nature, with the dense vegetation and the crystal clear waters of the river that follows our steps in the longer part of the route, it also hides two wonderful surprises:

The cave that the locals call “Court”, due to its remarkable stalagmite formations that resemble a courtroom, and the “Siphon”, one of the narrowest passages of the gorge in which the river waters create the homonymous effect.

10 Best Gorges in Greece


One of the most spectacular gorges in Greece – if not the whole world – follows the course of the river that the ancient Greeks chose as the gateway to the underworld, probably due to the eerie hum that is heard behind such cracks, as the water comes with time to join the river.

To cross the gorge of Acheron you will walk and swim in waters that will initially give you the impression of melted ice (but after a while, you will get used to it) for about six hours, which you will not want to end.


The most photographed, the most legendary, the most famous gorge in Crete and Greece, is located in Crete, south of the Prefecture of Chania, and is crossed by more or less 500 people a day every summer. It is the second-largest gorge in Europe, after that of Verdon in France, with a length of up to 13 km. Samaria gorge is the most impressive, and at the same time narrowest, the point is the Doors, the theoretic rocks in the photo above, the distance between which is not more than three meters.

PANTAVREHI (always rains)

One of the idyllic gorges of Evritania, and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Europe. It is formed by the rapid – and crystal clear – waters of the Krikelopotamos river, in the narrowest passage of its route, in the mountains Platanaki and Kaliakouda.

Springs from the surrounding mountains end up in the gorge all year round, with the result that it is always raining. Dense vegetation, water “curtains” and rare species of flora compose a landscape taken from a fairy tale.


Where Messinia prefecture meets Ilia, the homeland of the Olympic Games. A crystal clear river creates impressive waterfalls, ideal for super cool dives in summer, and crosses an impressive gorge. To cross it, you will count 4-5 hours and a little swimming, in a worthwhile experience and with the above.


Except for Samaria, the island of Crete has another gorge. The wonderful Sarakina, near Ierapetra city, it is small (not more than one and a half kilometers long) but miraculous.

Its theoretic, all-white walls reach a height of ten meters, while the width of the gorge ranges from three to ten meters at most. The river that crosses it creates wonderful small waterfalls and natural swimming pools for swimming all year round (yes, even in summer) while in winter the water level rises so much that it makes the gorge inaccessible.


Luscios is one of the most famous destinations in Greece for rafting, but it also crosses an eye-catching gorge in the Mountainous Arcadia prefecture. The latter is suitable for endless hiking along crystal clear waters and carved monasteries on the rock that enjoy panoramic views of spectacular landscapes.


The famous gorge of Olympus mountain took its name from the river that flows through it – and that in turn from the only beautiful River God, son of the Ocean of Greek mythology. The gorge of Enipeas crosses the spectacular landscapes of the mountain of the gods for 7.5 km, starting from the famous Prionia village and ending in Litochoro city.


When someone sees it will fall in love with it at first sight. The gorge of Asopos, which is crossed by the river Sperchios, meanders between the slopes of Oiti and Kallidromos, passing through ancient settlements such as Heraklion, the kingdom of Achilles, before reaching the valley of Sperchios. To cross it, it will take about three hours.


#10 best gorges in Greece

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