In Greek mythology, Dionysus was the God of wine and fertility. He was one of ancient Greece’s most beloved gods as wine was trendy. Today, the Nemea region is considered the biggest vineyard in Greece, having around 30.000 hectares. The main type of wine cultivated is Agiorgitiko, which took its name from St.George. As well we can find other types such as Malagouzia, Assyrtiko, Moschofilero, and Cabernet. Let’s see then, the best Greek wines in Nemea that you can find at cheap prices and is value for money.

Best Greek Wines in Nemea

Agiorgitiko Nemea

A purebred dry red Agiorgitiko with all the typical characteristics of the beloved variety. Blueberries, raspberries, and anise are the dominant aromas while the taste is velvety with balanced acidity and ripe tannins. Enjoy it with a veal steak.

Price: 10 Euros

Domain Skouras


A dry white wine that combines Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, and Moschofilero that stands out. Mango and rose can be felt. Semi-sweet taste and gentle bubbles. Lively and playful wine, perfect for parties with friends. Fruit salads, light sweets, and white cheeses suit it perfectly.

Price: 8 Euros

Domain Barafakas


A dry red Aromatic Agiorgitiko with a soft and velvety taste. A wine that is easily consumed, and slightly chilled for every day. Sour cherry and cinnamon dominate, among other things in the mouth, so it goes perfectly with pasta with minced meat or a moussaka.

Price: 6 Euros

Domain Gea

Oreinos Ilios

A dry red Agiortiko and Syrah in a fresh and balanced blend. Aromas and taste in an elegant result in the mouth, Oreinos Ilios or Mountain Sun in translation, is a passe-partout wine for those who love reds. From Greek traditional foods such as pastitsio and yuvetsi to meatball-style appetizers of all kinds. The production year is 2019.

Price: 9 Euros

Domain Semeli

Ampelou Fos

A red dry wine with an intense ruby color, rich flavor, relatively soft tannins, and intense aromas of blackcurrant, cedar, and vanilla. Cabernet Sauvignon and Agiorgitiko meet in a delicious and easy-to-drink blend. It can well be accompanied by Napolitan pasta, but also on a more special occasion with fish or meat.

Price: 6 Euros

Domain Zacharias

Mountain Fish 2021

A red dry wine with medium ruby color, fruity flavor with the subtle sweetness of spices, and taste with crisp acidity. Light body and soft tannins in a wine that impresses with its freshness. This Agiorgitiko from the mountain village of Psari in Nemea has a light, refreshing flavor with blueberries and stone cherries as protagonists. Pasta with tomato sauces, margarita pizza, and green salad with fresh strawberries and almonds suits you perfectly.

Price: 6,50

Domain Strofilia

Chardonnay 2021

This white organic Chardonnay from the area of Ancient Nemea has a bright yellow color and is full of fruit aromas and flavors. Particularly dry and cool it goes well with raw seafood, risotto with vegetables, or with spaghetti cooked with asparagus.

Price: 8,50 Euros

Domain Papaioannou

Red in Black

This dry purebred Agiorgitiko has an impressive dark red color and is full of fruity aromas. Fresh in the mouth, with fine tannins and enough acidity, it is an ideal accompaniment to a homemade pasticcio or many types of meat.

Price: 10 Euros

Domain Mitravelas

Anosis 2022

This white dry wine offers floral aromas on the nose. Coolness and acidity on the palate are the main characteristics of this wine that suits almost any occasion. Its extra aromatic character is combined with vegetable soups, roast poultry, and dishes containing spicy cheeses, from traditional cheese pie and soufflé to prawn saganaki and pizza.

Price: 9,50

Domain Lantides

You can find some of these bottles in local supermarkets, and liquor stores or you can book our Nemea winery tour. During the tour, we will stop at the Corinth canal and we will pass the temple of Zeus. As well you can find more info about the best Greek wines in our article.

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