Are you a wine lover and you are visiting Athens? Then, you should know where to find the best wine bars in Athens. As Greek wine becomes more and more popular internationally, you may want as a visitor to taste some quality local wines inside a beautiful bar in order to have a nice experience.

Greece although it is a small country, it has around 200 indigenous grapes which are really interesting and deserve the attention of wine lovers. Don’t forget that according to Greek mythology, wine production has its origins in this country by God Dionysus, because of the cult of the God of wine, Theatre started in Athens during the great Dionysians around 534 B.C.

See the Best Wine Bars in Athens

1. Oinocent -First Wine Bar in Athens

Operating since 2008, it is the first wine bar that was opened in the city. It is located in the heart of Athens and has a wide variety of more than 1000 label bottles not only from Greece but as well from all over the world. The wine list is updated frequently and they serve also Meditarreean cuisine.

Address: Voulis 44


2. Kiki de Grece- Best Wine Bar for Local Products

Located at Ipitou pedestrian street near Syntagma square, the owner Mrs. Rosa Kardara was looking for a way to connect deli producers and winemakers straight to consumption, and she did it. She searched for some of the best products in Greece and made deals with them. You can find here 50 labels of small businesses that are hard to find elsewhere, coming from all edges of Greece. The name Kiki comes from an artist-model who her name real name was Alice Ernestine Prin. This woman loved to experiment as the owner of the wine bar.

Address: Ipitou 4


3. Cinque Wine&Deli Bar – Best Bar for Wine Tasting

This is a family business where the owners are both sommeliers and they really know how to satisfy every wine lover. They opened some years ago a wine bar in the Psirri area, a tiny shop that become very popular, both for locals and tourists. After they expand to another spot in the Monastirakl area which was the first wine-tasting spot in the center of the city, and recently they opened another one in the Maroussi area. Their motivation is their passion for wine which they lavishly serve. You can find in the wine bar 30 labels accompanied by various platters. If you are looking for a wine tasting in the city, then, Cinque is the right place for you.

Address: Agatharhou 15, Psirri /Voreou 10, Monastiraki.


4. Materia Prima- Best Wine Bar in Koukaki Area

Continuing our list of the best wine bars in Athens we could not exclude Materia Prima Wine Bar and Bistro. It is located in the Koukaki area, near the Acropolis Museum but you can find the second bar of the owner in the area of Pangrati as well. Here you can find unique wines from small producers that are dedicated to what they do. You can taste also artisanal Greek cheeses, like Meriareno from Kasos and Lazareto from the Ithaka, as well as the smoked eel with chickpeas in salsa verde or the tuna tartar with mango and ginger.

Address: Falirou 68, Koukaki/ Mesologgiou Sq. 3, Pangrati.


5. Heteroclito Cave& Bar a Vin- Best Wine Bar for Geeks

Heteroclito is another wine bar that you can reach easily as it’s located in the center of Athens. It was founded in 2012 and in a short time, it was recognized by International wine magazines and opinion makers. In this wine bar in Athens, you can find more than 200 Greek labels that are considered natural wines. The friendly staff can advise you which wine to buy according to your needs, also you can ask for a wine tasting.

Address: Fokionos 2& Petraki str.


6. Vintage Wine Bar&Bistro- Best Wine Bar in Athens for Food

Vintage is also on the list of the best wine bars in Athens, but here besides the wine, you can enjoy amazing food, as Vintage wine bar& bistro is listed as one of the best restaurants in Athens. It holds over 1200 labels and a total inventory of 23.00 bottles. The menu includes fish, deer, traditional plates, and deli products. It is located in the touristic area of Plaka on Mitropoleos str.

Address: Mitropoleos 66-68.


Hope this guide will satisfy wine lovers that are visiting Athens. Greece has definitely many quality wines that are worth trying. For those that are looking for a wine tasting in a winery, check out our tour here.

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