In the last few years there have been opened some cool places in Athens to visit that can satisfy Instagrammers and photo lovers during their visit to the historical city. We are talking about beautiful places in Athens such as coffee shops- restaurants, they are located in Psirri area in the center.

1. Fairytale Athens

Trends and fashions change but one thing is certain. Pink suits every mood and never fades, in Fairytale Athens after all, pink prevails, from the cribs to the walls, to the climbing plants, and to its delicious sweets. At the entrance of the shop, the scenery is almost “tropical” with the wallpapers, green plants, American-style tables, and seats, and the “warm” atmosphere putting you in a world full of mystery, play, and plenty of imagination. After all, isn’t this how the prologues of fairy tales begin?

Cool places in Athens to Visit

In addition to the comfortable, pink, plush seats and sofas that you will find as you enter the store and on the second floor you will also find your own Instagrammable corners from the first moment you turn your eyes and let your imagination run wild. Run free, just as a child would.

You can enjoy your latte mug or the famous Red Velvet dessert, you will see a wall with painted wings, and your photos will be on a different level. The background will resemble an editorial and your social media profile will level up.

And the corner, with the mirrors, the pink, yellow, and purple blooming flowers in pastel shades, the neon lights, and the big pink swan, is the hottest spot in the store for photos.

But the place is not only made for trips to fairy-tale… realities but is also ideal for tasting trips, where sweet sins don’t count.

In Fairytale Athens you can enjoy amazing sweets such as No Bake Lila and No Bake Bueno. Also, Pink Queen is a must. Fairytale is located at 16,Leokoriou str.

Little Kook

Another cool places to visit in Athens is the Little Kook. This cafe-sweet shop was founded in 2015 and is located in the Psirri neighborhood at 17 Karaiskaki street, just 3 minutes away from Monastiraki metro station.

The space inside is just as impressive as the outside and has multiple buildings. The place is decorated from start to end. You will see scenes and protagonists from fairy tales. Armors, old dining rooms, even a piano, paintings, ornaments, and music complete the atmosphere of the place. In addition, you will notice that the spaces are themed and dedicated to fairy tale heroes such as  Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, or Jack and the Beanstalk.

Cool Places in Athens to visit

A huge dragon stands above the outdoor sign overlooking the many statues, decorations, and lights inspired by an ever-changing seasonal theme. The staff is also dressed up according to the main theme of the period and every single detail is conceived to make you feel like you are in a different world.

The best seasons that Little Kook is decorated and visit is a must, it’s Christmas time and Halloween. However, no matter when you will visit it, the sure thing is that your expectations will be as you imagined.

Keep in mind that especially on weekends, the lines to find a table to seat is long, so it is preferable to make a reservation before. The company does not have a website, only a Facebook page where you can make a reservation, you can find the link at the end of this page.

Now, you may wonder what to order, cakes are very popular, especially Dragon’s Lava or Princess with Rosy Cheeks.  So, forget the calories, because the cakes and sweets that they serve are a challenge not to taste them! Prices are more than normal but the portions are big enough.

With tributes in the international media for years, Little Kook is presented as one of the best places in Athens that tourists must visit, including the other major sites like the Acropolis, the Museums, etc. This non-touristy things to do in Athens will become a must on what to see in Athens! You can always ask us during your tour to stop there!

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