Planning to visit Athens, Greece? You might want to avoid the lines of hundreds of people coming daily to admire the symbol of civilization. So, where to buy Acropolis tickets online? The answer is simple, type in search: which directs you to the official gov. site where you can purchase your tickets online.

Below you will see screenshots and instructions to help you buy Acropolis tickets online.

As we are at the home page, in step one you must choose Region>Attica&Central Greece, then you choose Site>Acropolis and Slopes as you see from the screenshot below.

Where to buy Acropolis tickets online

After, you select the date and time that you want to visit. It is not necessary to be on time, as long as you have your ticket on your mobile phone or printed, you can visit during the day at whatever time you like. But remember, the ticket is valid only for one day. Except if you buy the 30 euros ticket which is valid for 3 days.

In the next step, you must choose if you wish the ticket to the Acropolis only or the multiticket that includes 6 different archaeological sites such as the Acropolis, the temple of Zeus (Olympieion), the Agora, the Roman Agora, Hadrian’s Library, Kerameikos, and Aristotle’s school. Then, you choose the number of tickets that you want. In the summertime, the cost for Acropolis is 20 Euros and 30 Euros for the multiticket.

After choosing the quantity, you click on: add to basket, the next step is to add your mail and pay with your card as you see below. Also, don’t forget to choose your country.

After payment, you will receive very shortly your ticket to your e-mail, where you can show it at the entrance.

Unfortunately, if you buy Acropolis tickets online it doesn’t help to enter the site, because many people wait as well. Especially around 9 am, when many coaches arrive from the cruise ships and groups start to go up to Acropolis Hill. But, you will skip the line at the kiosk where they sell tickets.

How to skip the line at the Acropolis

So, to skip the line at the Acropolis, the best thing to do is to enter from the not-so-busy southeastern entrance which is the theater of Dionysus. The address is Mitsaion 25 and it is located a few meters away from the main entrance of the Acropolis museum. You can click here for Google Maps. Also there, is a kiosk where you can buy your tickets if you don’t have the availability to buy online Acropolis tickets.

What is Acropolis

Acropolis is a citadel that has many buildings inside, including altars, temples, etc. The translation is a city at the highest point. Most of the Greek cities starting from the Mycenaean period had an Acropolis, which was fortified with walls for the protection of the population.

What to see at the Acropolis

In Acropolis, the buildings that stand for 2500 years are:

  1. The Parthenon, it was dedicated to the patron Goddess of the city, Athena. The most important temple.
  2. The Propylaea, which was the entrance gate, it was a unique design by Mnisikles.
  3. The temple of Nike, it was a small temple that was dedicated to the victory against the Persians.
  4. The Erectheion was a temple that was dedicated to Athena, Poseidon, and Erechteas.
  5. The Herodion, an Odeon that was built in Roman times by the Herod of Atticus, in memory of his wife.
  6. The theater of Dionysus, the first theater of the world. Famous tragedies and comedies were played.

How to buy tickets for Acropolis Museum

Visit the official page:, then select your language. The next step is to choose the date and time you want to visit the Acropolis Museum. After you select the number of participants, and then you fill out the form with your personal information such as address, etc. After this step, you enter your card details and buy the tickets. Your purchase will be sent to your e-mail address.

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