Athens except for the rich history and culture that has, as in this city Democracy, Theatre, and Sciences started, it provides also nice spa services for visitors that want something more in their trips. You can even find Hammams similar to those in the middle east. Let’s have a look at the best spas in Athens.

Wellness experiences in the heart of Athens – Best spas in Athens

Grande Bretagne Hotel

With a light feel of the city of luxury, the hotel’s “Grande Bretagne” spa is one of the best that you can find in the heart of Athens. It has a wide range of body and face treatments for both women and men. For ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, you can opt for the 4.5-hour ‘Signature Ultimate Urban Retreat.

Which includes body wraps based on your personal needs, hot stone massage, and the GB prickly pear luxury facial, a natural lifting treatment that provides a rejuvenating action using natural active ingredients such as prickly pear seeds and acai berry. You can also enjoy a dip in the indoor pool. Sessions conclude with a light lunch on the patio.

It is worth enjoying the Ayurveda session that starts with a foot bath, continues with exfoliation and body wrapping as well as a massage on the energy points with hot stones and hot oils with Ayurvedic herbs. It ends with an oriental head massage while inhaling the healing aromatic oils.

There are, of course, exfoliation treatments, therapeutic massages that focus on relaxing the deeper muscle groups (Deep Muscle Massage), facial tightening, and moisturizing treatments. There is also a combination of treatments for two people in the beautiful Couple Suite.

Hammam Bathing House Athens

Particularly atmospheric, despite its minimal aesthetic. The company has three stores, all located in the center of Athens. Its services are a great gift to yourself. You can combine a steam bath with a massage or choose only one option. This massage spa Athens will satisfy you.

‘Ali Mama’, for example, is a traditional ketche exfoliation, olive oil soap foam wash, and full body wash, followed by a relaxing body and head massage. If you choose the “Hamamda” you will enjoy a full body massage with olive oil soap foam and then a muscle-relaxing massage with a combination of various techniques, pressures, and stretches.

A powerful treatment is also the “Gommage”, where after your body is smeared with black soap, exfoliation will take place with a traditional ketche and massage with green soap foam, and then another exfoliation with salts and honey, followed by a clay mask in face and body and hair mask with clay, shea butter, and argan oil. If you insist on Greek, there’s also the ‘Ancient Greek Massage’, a holistic treatment using brush and powder for blood circulation and exfoliation, traditional back cupping, and full body massage based on reflexology vibrations and pressures.

Polis Hammam

At Polis Hammam, you can have a series of bath sessions such as “Ancient Greek”, “Moroccan”, “Egyptian” and others, each with its own uniqueness.

The “Ancient Greek Bath” provides detoxification, relaxation, antiaging, longevity, radiance, and beauty. It combines a sweat bath with the body, face, and hair masks made from a natural mineral that consists of more than 70 trace elements. For the body, specifically, the recipe is the one used by Alexander the Great. A cocktail of beneficial oils with aromas that relax muscles instantly soothes the nervous system, relieve musculoskeletal pain, and protects the respiratory system.

The “Egyptian Bath”, inspired by the habits of the pharaohs and recipes of many centuries, combines a steam bath, a body and head bath made from special mineral and vegetable oils, exfoliation, body, face, and the head application made from donkey milk, honey, and many other materials as well and short full body massage.

The “Moroccan Bath” also combines relaxation with beauty. Here they use valuable ingredients such as activated carbon, volcanic clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and soap and argan oil. If you only want to have a massage then the “Olympus Massage” is one of the most complete as it releases tension, and stress and revitalizes the senses and skin through a combination of controlled manipulations, gentle beats, and pressures of the various muscle groups.

The Margi hotel

Warm colors, wood, low lighting and minimal oriental aesthetics create a unique peaceful atmosphere at The Margi hotel spa. It has three wonderful single treatment rooms, as well as a sauna, hammam and indoor pool for refreshing dips. If you want to relax to the maximum and get rid of all muscle pain and tension, then you will have a four-hand massage.

If you still like rituals, then book an ‘Ila Prana Vitality Massage’ a treatment that helps eliminate toxins, reduce fatigue and restore strength and balance. You can also choose the “Ila Kundalini back”, a gentle treatment that uses the chakras and under the sounds of healing music, activates the Kundalini energy, which is located at the base of the spine, bringing the body back to absolute balance and harmony.

The ‘Margi Rejuvenation’ is also a magical treatment that uses herbs from the hotel’s farm to rejuvenate tired skin and combines an orange essential oil massage with a sea salt, virgin olive oil and thrombi body scrub or a yogurt body wrap. If you want at this luxury spa athens something quick but at the same time relaxing, you can have 35-minute sessions for head massage, foot massage or back massage.

Old City Hamam

The Old City Hamam has a slightly more oriental atmosphere and hammam and massage services that will make you feel tons lighter, such as the “Original Hamam”, a traditional cleansing treatment that includes a refreshing bath, exfoliation, foam massage, hair wash, massage head and stretching exercises or the “Royal Hamam”.

where after the classic exfoliation of the whole body with a ketchup and scrub with Turkish royal coffee and rose water, there follows a massage with natural soap foam, as well as a head wash and massage. At the end, they will apply a mask of 100% natural honey, sesame and natural lavender to your body.

Divanni Apollon Palace&Thalasso

DIVANI Apollon Palace & Thalasso is located in the area of Kavouri and is the most organized spa center, and the only thalassotherapy center in Athens. It is among the largest spas in Europe and has been awarded by the World Travel Awards as the top SPA in it. Within 3,500 sq.m. you will find everything you desire: treatment, relaxation and rejuvenation while the close proximity to the sea gives your treatment a sense of escape that perfectly complements your rejuvenation.

At 270 sq.m. its thalassotherapy pool, you will find 16 different hydromassage spots that can almost instantly take the fatigue and stress away from you. If that’s not enough, note that they have a really huge range of treatments and massages as well as a couples massage in a specially designed room for two.

Try “Eu Zin”, a muscle-relaxing massage with organic Greek olive oil enriched with organic Greek lavender essential oil. One of the most relaxing massages you can have is the “St. Barth Harmony Pampering Body Massage” in which you can choose between warm coconut oil, avocado oil, ivy extract gel or menthol oil as well as the “St. Barth Chill Out” an intensely relaxing treatment that uses a specific type of clam with self-heating properties.

In addition to the classic facial treatments for hydration, regeneration and firming, you will also find a detoxification treatment to renew facial features with spirulina and marine magnesium. Another treatment is the one for dealing with wrinkles with hyaluronic acid and marine collagen that softens wrinkles with a special massage inspired by the Japanese Ko Vi Do technique of the 15th century.

As for the body, there is the treatment with 100% natural seaweed for detoxification and replenishment of minerals, the holistic body treatment for slimming, the one for detoxification and relaxation using 100% mud from the Dead Sea as well as cryotherapy for cellulite treatment , epidermal laxity and local thickness.

Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso is a day spa Athens, in collaboration with a well-known clinic, also offers aesthetic medicine services such as “Microneedling Collagenesis”, a facial mesotherapy with the application of dermaroller and micro-needles that causes natural collagenogenesis and regeneration of the face, and “Neuromuscular Stimulation” a pioneering technology for muscle strengthening in the abdominal area which contributes to skin firmness.\

Al Hammam Traditional Baths

In a wonderfully light oriental atmosphere with lit candles and warm colors, you can enjoy a relaxing hammam that will leave your skin soft and clear your mind. You will find simple hammam services where you can simultaneously exfoliate with ketche gloves, massage with olive oil soap foam, and bathe to more special hammams such as “Sabun Beldi Morrocan Hammam” which includes additional coverage with black soap and a clay body mask.

The “Harem” is even more enriched as, in addition to the steam bath, exfoliation with ketche gloves, massage with olive oil soap foam, and hair washing, it also includes a chocolate wrap that rejuvenates the skin and then a back massage that releases the tension and stress. The “Ottoman” is also excellent, lasting 2.5 hours, where in addition to the basics, you will also enjoy a deeply relaxing body massage with rose water for an hour and a thirty-minute facial massage. You can also add other treatments to your massages such as a foot bath with salts or foot massage and body scrub with gold, jasmine, or chocolate.

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