Visiting Greece, you will notice that too many coffee shops exist. This is because coffee culture is prevalent in the country, starting from bakeries that serve coffee to fast foods. Coffee lovers can find quality coffee shops to enjoy their breakfast in the morning. But which are the types of coffees that serve and which brands are good? Let’s see the best coffee shops in Greece.

Types of coffee that serves in Greece

The most popular is the traditional Greek coffee, which still remains number one in the Balkans and the Middle East. This type of coffee is well known around the world.

The second most popular comes Frape ice coffee, this is a robust coffee because it’s instant, not boiled like the previous one. It was found accidentally back in the 70s when a security guard didn’t have hot water to make a Greek coffee.

Then follows the freddo espresso and freddo cappuccino which is very popular to young people. For information, the Greeks adapted the classic espresso in their own way! This is how freddo espresso with the addition of shaken milk, became freddo or cold cappuccino, the art with quality ready to drink! You can always add on top cinnamon or chocolate for a better taste. Many locals buy a coffee and relax next to the seaside.

Also, you can find all the other types of taf coffee such as Americano, hot espresso, french coffee, macchiato, etc.

In 2018, were consumed 40,000 tons of coffee in Greece. That equals 5 billion cups at 510 cups per person.
According to the World Coffee Organization, Greece is in 17th place globally in per capita consumption with 5.4 kg per year. In first place is Finland with 12 kg!
Regarding the average cost of a cup of cappuccino in coffee, Greece is in 16th place at $ 3.49 while the highest average price is in Denmark at $ 5.20

Best Coffee shops in Greece

Coffee Island

It was awarded for a second time as the best coffee chain in Southeastern Europe. This roastery was founded in 1999, combining the coffee grinder with an espresso bar, today it has over 430 stores in Greece and abroad. You can find them in the UK, Canada, and UAE (Dubai).


Opened their first store in 2008 and today has a network with over 230 stores in 8 countries. Almost 200 stores operate in over 50 cities in Greece. It should be noted that in the wider area of ​​Attica, there are more than 70. The chain is developed in Cyprus, where it has more than 10 points, while it has also been located in Great Britain (London), USA (Massachusetts), Australia (Sydney), UAE (Dubai), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), and Bulgaria. The company plans to expand to other countries, such as Romania, Poland, Turkey, and Egypt.


It started its operation in 1972 as a chain of snacks, offering Greek coffee and new types of coffees to its customers. From the 2000s it began to evolve, adding to its range the new mild coffee and the cold brew. Today it has more than 315 stores in Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Romania, and the Bahamas.

Coffee Berry

It started in 2016, including in the coffee grinder and nuts. In just three years, the chain has grown rapidly with 115 stores in Greece and Cyprus. They serve specialty coffee beans in town. It is one of the best coffee shops in Athens.

Coffee Lab

It started as a coffee shop in a small city in 2009. It is the first street Athens taf coffee chain that fully implements and makes known the “Third wave of coffee” in Greece. The company has more than 100 stores and a presence already in Cyprus, Egypt, and soon in other countries.


It is the oldest chain in Greece in fast food and, in recent years has been claiming a significant share of coffee shops with more than 130 stores in Greece. It also serves street food with a rich menu.


The company started to operate in Greece back in 2002, at the beginning was very popular. However, in the last decade, only a few left as the competition was rising continuously.


The longest-lived coffee chain in Greece is Flocafe, which started operating in 1994. In 1995, the first store outside Athens was opened and served 8 different types of espresso. In 2003 the Flocafe brand was released for the first time outside Greece, in Cyprus. In 2014 Flocafe made another step forward and was redefined as the Flocafe Espresso Room. Today Flocafé has over 120 stores and stars in the catering industry. It is cozy. They also serve cocktails and food and operates till late hours at night with music.


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