Everything you want to know about the best time to visit Greece for your vacation: Greece has an excellent Mediterranean climate, on average sunshine days are around 250.

Winter starts from December until half of March, from April till mid-May the temperatures are around 20-25° C. After the temperature starts to rise to 30-35 ° C and even more in July- August. From September till October temperatures are around 25-30° C. Mid-October till December is the period of most rainfalls. You can see more details about the climate of Greece here.

The best time to visit Greece ον a budget are April, May, October, and November.

The best time to visit Greek islands:

It is in June, July, August, and half of September. The temperature of the sea is suitable for swimming, from October it starts to get colder.

The best time to visit Athens:

The capital of Greece is an all-year-round destination, especially for a city break. All museums, facilities, and services are open.

For shore excursions from Cruise ships, the best time is May till October.

For day cruises with yachts or boats are June till half of September.

For sightseeing the best time is May-June and September-October, avoid July-August because is very hot. The image below will help also to see it all year round.

climate in greece

Source: klimaonline.weebly.com

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